Get disappointed is a short  documentary that tells in different chapters different narratives
on disappointment. With each chapter with/telling a different narrative about

1. DATA:
When I was younger the world would give
promises about the technological future in which enhancements would give us an utopic world to live
in. But nowerdays looks more like these enhancements are primarily used for big companies to get more
and more power over the people.

2. LOVE:
Based on my previous  work THANKS TINDER! The chapter  LOVE
tells the story of finding love and simultaneously damaging our own environment.

Fill in your credit card number press pay and get your short expensive disco vomit dopamine kick. app purchases have
become a real problem for youth and adults.. The addiction of paying tons of cash to get a little dopamine kick is
a big problem  for some, and could even be compared to a drug addiction for some a big aproblem as an
average drug addict.

4. FAME:
This part is about the problem of a famous people getting lazy and not
having to perform as much as previously. If you get the label famous you just have to perform
your little trick. The outro is a short videoclip that tells you  the promises of getting disappointed