An ode to the old photography techniques and the “in love camera” technique the
famous photographer Ed van der Elsken was known for. As a fly on the wall you get
a look I give/show you a look into my social live. Like van der Elsken I used this joyful
way of shooting pictures to get/make an intimate record of my surroundings a more intimate
and close result. The pictures are shown with way of showing this in a cylindrical
projector,  only one picture is shown at a time, so you see a different part of the story
every time you watch it. The overall story is a continous flow of pictures transorming
from one antagonist to the other by them getting in the frame.

This work was part of the exhibition ARCHIVE.LIVE an exhibition by the2nd year students of the
HKU  at the academie gallerie (Utrecht). The exhibition existed of two rooms. The first room
was the archive, in which the different participants showed their process in archive boxes.
In the second room there was a livestream directly connected to a podium in which you could
request the different works. After requesting the work of your liking it would be set
up and displayed on the three different screens hung in the second room.